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Matching Mask

Here are some examples of matching mask created by our master craftsmen and tailors. The pictures below would give you a fair idea as to how the masks are being created to give matching feel. Raw material as used in the product is being used to make the masks. Masks are only made once the product comes on floor for final checking and finishing.

Important: Even If you are buying same product, the design position on the mask can/may vary from order to order.

CAUTON (BEWARE) : These masks are 2 layer / 3 layer cloth mask and are solely made on purpose of giving a party wear feel. They do not intend to be at par in protection from any virus or bacteria when compared to disposable surgical mask or N95 or KN95.

Keep away from CHILDREN. Please wear at discretion.

Other than this, we have a large variety of masks available on our website to choose from like gold masks, silver mask, lace masks, bandhej mask etc which can be worn with any product.

Code: 1583153
1583153 Matching Mask
1583153 Mask Side View
Code: 1574357
1574357 Matching Mask
1574357 Mask Side View
Code: 1562382
1562382 Matching Mask
1562382 Mask Side View
Code: 1607041
1607041 Matching Mask
1607041 Mask Side View
Code: 772308
772308 Matching Mask
772308 Mask Side View
Code: 1529937
1529937 Matching Mask
1529937 Mask Side View
Code: 1589836
1589836 Matching Mask
1589836 Mask Side View
Code: 1595543
1595543 Matching Mask
1595543 Mask Side View
Code: 1621978
1621978 Matching Mask
1621978 Mask Side View
Code: 1622005
1622005 Matching Mask
1622005 Mask Side View
Code: 1623081
1623081 Matching Mask
1623081 Mask Side View
Code: 1623083
1623083 Matching Mask
1623083 Mask Side View
Code: 1624736
1624736 Matching Mask
1624736 Mask Side View
Code: 1625422
1625422 Matching Mask
1625422 Mask Side View
Code: 1630237
1630237 Matching Mask
1630237 Mask Side View
Code: 1633084
1633084 Matching Mask
1633084 Mask Side View
Code: 1633090
1633090 Matching Mask
1633090 Mask Side View
Code: 1633104
1633104 Matching Mask
1633104 Mask Side View
Code: 1634102
1634102 Matching Mask
1634102 Mask Side View
Code: 1639249
1639249 Matching Mask
1639249 Mask Side View
Code: 1639449
1639249 Matching Mask
1639249 Mask Side View
Code: 1643641
1643641 Matching Mask
1643641 Mask Side View
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