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Pre-Stitched Sarees

Wear a saree in 15 seconds – magic of pre-stitched sarees

Cost to make saree pre-stitched includes cost to make saree ready to wear with attached inskirt.

Necessity is the mother of all innovation and we have immense pleasure in bringing such an innovation for women – the Pre-stitched Saree. It is the same saree that women wear in daily use but it needs only 15 seconds to wear it unlike the traditional sarees that take as long as 10 minutes to wear and adjust the plates and another 5 minutes to give it a proper shape altogether. Being highly convenient to wear, these sarees are in no way different from the conventional plated sarees.

Contrary to the conventional saree wearing, these sarees can be worn in a single move; just as men put on a shirt. Besides, there is no need of a petticoat as a matching one is already stitched inside the saree. Thanks to innovation that has made wearing a saree all the more easier for women. Bearing the same grace and appearance, these readymade sarees are excellent tools for those women who avoid wearing sarees as they are cumbersome to put on and specially for those who do not know how to wear a saree. And, it is a must have for women specially foreigners who wish to wear saree but have nobody to teach them how to wear a saree.

Designed more like a long skirt, these sarees are easy to wear with no hassles in adjusting the plates, tucking or having to re wear a saree just because the pallu length is short. The saree plates, the pallu length are all measured and adjusted and women just need to put it on like a skirt and put the loose end or the saree pallu over the shoulder. All one need to have is a matching blouse. Some of these sarees even come with stretchable blouse that any women can wear. Thus taking care of all that you need to put on the icon of Indian culture – a saree. Furthermore, the prestitched saree also look slim due to their close fit stitching.

Thus, if you wish to wear saree but could not wear it as you do not know how to wear it, get a pre-stitched one. At the time of ordering a saree, you can select the option to get it pre-stitched. It will cost you only $20 extra.

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